Clam Linguine

Mr.Idlewild and I had an awesome date downtown about a month ago at The Farm Cafe on Burnside. I had always heard wonderful things about that restaurant and all those good reports were happily affirmed.

One dish we had as an appetizer were Pacific NW Clams. They were boldly ordered by Mr.Idlewild who, let’s just say, has come LIGHTYEARS from where he was in his seafood relationship since we’ve been married.

They were absolutely swimming in hot butter, garlic, red pepper flakes and lemon-y happiness. That night left me craving even more!

So. I ventured onto Pinterest; the place on the internet that makes you feel really creative and productive without actually accomplishing anything! And I found a recipe for Clam Linguine that seemed to have the same heavenly combination of ingredients plus pasta! A bonus! Oh, add carbs to butter and garlic, don’t mind if I do!

I scampered off to New Seasons and again, boldly bought them out of Clams (they only had a pound and a half on hand). And the man instructed me to keep them on ice until I was going to sear them as the recipe dictated.

“Because they’re alive, you know.” The guy said, “You’re serving them in about two hours, perfect.”

I looked back at him, gulped and said, “They’re alive?!”

“Yah, of course — they taste best this way, you don’t want frozen, you always want fresh!” He encouraged.

I’m a big meat eater at heart, every good, God-fearing kid raised by a Vegetarian is. But I had to apologize a couple of times to these guys before dropping them into the pan! Does anyone else hear “Circle of Life” in their head right now? Excellent.


Here are my friends getting a nice water bath so that they spit out their sand and salty water before things got serious.


And here is the finished product! It was such an adventure and I am excited to make it again soon!

Here is the link to Martha’s recipe. 

*Clams were hurt in the making of this post.


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