Family Heirlooms


I was thinking about family heirlooms the other day. What items in my life have sentimental value to me and that I want our children to have some day. The funny thing is, most of the things that come to mind aren’t of high monetary value! But are all still so important and special!

Here’s the list I came up with:

1. This vintage beach blanket (pictured above) — I can remember sitting on it at Hug Point as a kid! It’s been chewed on the side by our dog when she was a puppy but it’s still beautiful and actually currently back in style!

2. This awesome photo of my Dad when he was about 24 years old in Canada feeding a Whiskey Jack. Besides it being my father, the composition and bird’s spread wing is so artful!


3. Our collection of crosses from Tucson, Arizona. Every time we or my parents go a new cross comes home in the suitcase to add to the wall! It’s a colorful and simple statement of our family’s faith.CrossWall

4. My Dad’s collection of Will Durant’s Story of Civilization books. He made it his goal to read the whole series. There are eleven! It is my goal to read them all as well. I feel like it’s our family’s version of taking over the family farm, or something! Our Oriental Heritage is only volume one! Eek!


5. Family Recipes. Especially my mom’s Christmas Cookies and Birthday Cake recipes! It’s not my birthday without her German Chocolate Cake!


6. The mobile at my parent’s house. It hangs in our living room. It’s a dip style, multi-colored mobile that they got in Portland before I was born! I love it. It adds this great pop of color to their high ceiling’d space. mobile

7. My tea set. I just love it. My husband gave it to me for Christmas years ago and it’s so modern and beautiful! We visited the Wolfsonian Museum in Miami during our first year of marriage and they have an amazing collection of Art Deco art, illustration, home goods and tea sets! So I think of that wonderful, air conditioned place every time I use my tea set…even though mine is more modern than deco.


8. And finally, the quilts my mom made for our babies. In this picture, Emmett’s quilt is still in production. They are so awesome, stylish and colorful! Thanks again, Mom!


I’d love to hear your list as well! Do you have any favorite family things that are special and sentimental to you?

Lots of love from the Idlewild Home!


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