Sand Park Aficionados


We have been hitting the Sand Park scene pretty hard this past month. The nice weather we’ve enjoyed here in the Idlewild of late April/early May has lead to many lovely, warm days. As my Dad say, “The livin’s easy in the summer.” And it’s so true. It’s so much easier to entertain our busy little guy when we can let him loose at a park. If that park has sand. Bonus!

One of my nearest and dearest Kari has two boys, and one more on the way! This woman, besides being an Olympic Gold Medalist in Maternity, is a Sand Park Aficionado. Need to find sand? You need only but to ask Kari. Don’t know Kari? Luckily she has been training me up in her ways! And I’m willing to share.

Sand Parks | In Order of Ease on the Mom who has to keep watch over and clean up said sweet-ums

1. The Fields, Pearl District, Portland Oregon. This place is a Mom’s dream come true! Clean sand, FENCED IN AREA — so you don’t have to worry the little treasure is going to run out in the street! And nice seating while they play.

2. Snyder Park, Sherwood Oregon. A BEAUTIFUL park! How high are taxes in Sherwood anyways?! This place in incredible! The sand area is right next to a water play area! (Again, a bonus!) and a little canal of water runs through the sand pit! Wow! Extra points also for easy access to outdoor showers and fountains to clean up sandy wet babes.

3. Woodhaven City Park, Sherwood Oregon. This park is basic. The sand area is just a pit dug in the grass. BUT for a little boy. It’s heaven on earth because there are TONS of metal giant toy tractors to play with on site! All different kinds, diggers, scoopers, dozers…everything a big little guy needs to work out his inner agricultural/construction/engineering dreams! 

Happy Diggin’s!


One response to “Sand Park Aficionados

  1. go sand – go summer, yeah
    (oh, and go George Gershwin for ‘Summertime’, the song composition where the livin is easy) (yeah)

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