Rebranding the “Stay at Home Mom”


I quit my job back in February. Mr.Idlewild bought me a bottle of wine and we celebrated this big change!

It’s been a much prayed about, worried about, whined about transition for me to see myself as primarily at home. With the babies. Everyday. During the more whiny phase of this transition, a wise woman in my bible group said “Sometimes you just need time to breath.” And it’s so true.

Funny thing is it’s actually wonderful to be home. Being consistently with Av and Em is SO HARD, SO REWARDING and where I’m supposed to be right now. As my pediatrician says, “The days are long and the years are short!” Again, it’s so true.

I’m freelancing now as a Place Branding and Graphic Designer, doing fun side projects like wedding invitations for friends, crafts for babes, managing the home finances, endlessly changing diapers, applying sunscreen, snuggling, washing hands, wiping noses, chauffeuring, cooking, cleaning, gardening, exercising, play dating, bible grouping — life is FULL.

So. I feel that it’s time we rebrand the Stay at Home Mom. That term is so terse, cold and barely scratches the surface of what it means to be home, working in the home, working half at home — half out in the big world. And doing the fundamentally important job of caring for, educating, nurturing, nourishing and loving the next generation.

What is that better rebranded name? “Working in the Home”? ” I haven’t landed on it yet, but it’s going to be epic!


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