Entertainment for Little Ones on a Rainy Day(s)


These last few days of rain in Portland have been DRIVING ME NUTS! It’s so hard to go from almost a month of sunshine and warm weather back to sideways rain, mist, wind and grey skies.

Em keeps on looking outside and saying, “Rain, Mama. No walk!” Yah, no kidding no walk! It’s so hard to entertain little ones on these sorts of days. So here are a few of my favorite indoor past times as of late!

The first, pictured above, is to turn a $10 plastic swimming pool into an indoor macaroni pit! Bonus points for setting up the baby to view the toddler having fun in said pit!


The second is to take a big sheet of paper, (we get the Stendig Calendar every year and the tear away months are perfect!), and draw a big city — with roads, railroad tracks, water, buildings, homes, etc. Little ones love drawing on the floor and it is fun to see them start to play pretend! Em and his trains are the blur in this shot below!


And, for the younger crowd. Giving them ANYTHING they don’t normally touch. ANYTHING that isn’t a normal baby toy is a great way to keep them happy! Of course, supervising their cute explorations is advised!



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