Toddler Problems | Installment One


Our almost 3 year old is a big fan of anything motorized. So, as of late. Anytime we get in the car within a minute he will start saying “Freeway Please!” — which is just fine if we are going downtown, or to the beach, or somewhere out of the area…but most of the time we’re not. Which leads to Toddler Problems, Installment One.

Em — “Freeway Please!” 

I reply (the desperation faintly cloaked in my voice.) “Sorry Baby, we are going OVER the freeway today, but not on it.” 

Em restates — “NO! Freeway!!!”  How is he already to 11? (The toddler ability to go from placid to crying hysterically is amazing!)

I say back. — “We’re going on the freeway tomorrow, when we go downtown. To see Papa!”  (Like the Papa Card is going to save me now!)




One response to “Toddler Problems | Installment One

  1. How can you deny him his freeway? Oh, and go by the construction in Terwilliger – not just any freeway run. You ARE welcome.

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