eight years + Toro Bravo


It has been a little while since I’ve posted! My better half has been traveling for work in Australia and China and I just don’t have any wind in my sails when he’s on another continent! It’s so good to have him back! We are celebrating eight years of marriage today! I can’t imagine a more blessed life than this one with him.

We went out for our hot anniversary date last night to Toro Bravo in NE Portland. By hot, besides the romance I mean they didn’t seems to have working AC and it was above 90 yesterday in Portland! We seem to have bad luck that way, when we went to Wildwood in NW Portland for our anniversary a few years back the same thing happened!

We loved Toro Bravo anyways! The food is superb! Portland is the best for restaurants and we went feet first into the Chef’s Tasting Menu! Bacon Wrapped Almond stuffed Dates, Pate with Bread, a beautiful Spinach salad, Garlic Bacon Snap Peas, Cod Fritters, Charred Onion with yummy Peanut Sauce and a really tasty Smoked Prime Rib.



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