Adventures in Cloth Diapering


We are switching to cloth diapers for Av! These little beauties came in the mail just yesterday and I am so excited to get started!

We are going to save SO much money using them. I am home full time and doing laundry FULL TIME as it is so I figure what’s one more load?! And I feel really good about not clogging up our garbage can and landfill with disposable diapers! Plus, no more unnatural chemicals and silica near my sweet little treasure’s booty!

After many conversations and investigations online we went with Bum Genius 4.0’s with Snaps. The color choices are so fun! For Av we ordered Butternut, Zinnia, Clementine, Dazzle (the plum), Sassy (the red) and Blossom.

The youtube’r Mama Natural has really great posts about how they work and how to clean them! Oddly enough Bum Genius’s own site didn’t have any real instruction! Wierd!

More to come! This weekend we are installing a diaper sprayer to our toilet!

Jealous? Haha!

Xoxo from the Idlewild


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