I have the greatest friends


My wonderful friend Hannah surprised me with a birthday dinner complete with Tess, Isabel and her new husband Brian, Mike and Nat.

I thought we were meeting Nat and Hannah for a dinner at the Woodsmen. So when we were driving up Division and I saw Tess pull out onto Division too I was only excited to see my SE Portland (cooler than me) friend! I MAY HAVE jumped out of our car and run to Tess’s car in order to see her. I MAY HAVE jumped in her car, given her a hug and said “Hey! I’m going to the Woodsmen! Can you drive me there?!”

Just so you know. When we’re friends. I’ll jump out of my car and jump into you’re car. I’m that kind of a girl.

Tess said she was actually on her way to the Woodsmen, and actually was free to have dinner. Tess is so sneaky…

So we met Nat and Hannah and sat down to dinner.

THEN. I hear the voice of a very sassy angel say, “Oh hey there.” Or some other sort of sassy thing like that.

And it was Isabel! And Brian! Who live in Seattle and drove ALL THE WAY DOWN FOR SILLY ME AND US AND MY BIRTHDAY!

I MAY HAVE started crying at this point. Thank you LORD that Mac’s new eye liner is an 8 hour wear and I didn’t have black running down my cheeks like a crazy person. But I may as well have. Because I was so surprised and so touched in my heart that these girlfriends of mine were all willing to do this for me.

To Tess, Isabel and Hannah — you girls are the sweetest/prettiest/greatest. We’ve been through so much together these past few years. I’m honored. Humbled. And I will get you back.

XOXO, Cats, Boots, Hearts AND Ponies,
Andrea of the Idlewild

A glass of wine and REALLY good cheese MAY HAVE played a part in the writing of this post. Plus a really special text message party with Hannah in which I learned a new term: “Man Crafty” which Mike and Nat are.


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