As an only child it has been really cool lately to see Em and Av start to act like siblings. I’m totally fascinated when they interact independently of whatever Mike and I are doing.

Emmett will screech at Avery while we’re driving, she’ll belly laugh back at him, he’ll screech again…it’s so cool!

I am so happy and thankful for them that they have each other. Avery thinks Emmett is the most amazing person on the planet. He is happy to have a fan to ham it up for! It’s a win-win!

P.S. Yes that is Avery’s reverse ombre hair style. It’s growing in blond and was originally brown when she was born! Such style!

P.S.S. Don’t you just love that it looks like she’s wearing a sweatshirt — but those are actually just her chubby wrists and elbows?!

P.S.S.S. Is it proper to do “P.S.S.” and “P.S.S.S.” ? — it feels so right, and so wrong all at the same time…


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