Pumpkin Gnocchi Gnight


I Pinterested upon an awesome recipe for Pumpkin Gnocchi the other night from the Steamy Kitchen!  Jaden is a professional recipe developer (ummm coolest job ever!), as well as a food columnist and food photographer. Her posts are not only hilarious but this was seriously such a fun and easy dish to make! And that’s coming from someone who’s frantically frying Gnocchi while holding a baby and singing the “AB Song” along with the three year old!

EVERYONE even the stubborn “ME NO LIKE THAT” three year old ate this meal. BAM!

*AB Song is the ABC Song…we have no time for the THIRD letter in the alphabet apparently.

* Also, do you want to be Pinterest friends? Hey me too! 

Below are some happy photos of the Gnocchi making process… (as you can see, unlike Jaden with the Steamy Kitchen, I am NOT a food photographer…maybe someday when I am not holding a baby!)

Rolling out the dough and cutting them into little bites:


A happy pile of dough ready to be crisped in the pan full of BUTTER. Yes, this recipe stands firmly on the gratuitous use of butter!


Fried Gnocchi Goodness! Sadly I didn’t get the Sage leaves for this recipe — the browned butter alone was fabulous but I think Sage would have won the day! Next time!


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One response to “Pumpkin Gnocchi Gnight

  1. OMG you had me laughing out loud! it’s just about every meal time that I also hear the “me no like that” :) LOL! I’ll try this recipe!

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