Meghan & Aaron’s Invitations


Over this past weekend I had the best time watching my dear friend Meghan get married. The wedding was up on Mount Hood at Camp Namanu and it was gorgeous! Meghan looked amazing, they were such a happy couple, birds sang, deer walked through the grounds…the works!

I also had the honor of designing Meghan and Aaron’s wedding invitations, which was a big job because they had a three day long celebration that they wanted to promote through their invite! The final design was a trifold, black ink, hand illustrated on craft paper.

I had a blast drawing out all of the information and especially enjoyed creating the “formal invite” panel.

Above is that “formal invite” panel and below is the interior spread with a map of the three days of festivities.


I’m also proud to show the sash flowers and lace detail to Meghan’s sash that she had me get crafty on! Too much fun!

Congratulations Meghan and Aaron! Best Wishes! Thank you for including us in your special day!





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