The Good of 2014


This past July my mom passed away. Finally going home to heaven after a long, hard, miserable, honorable, epic, gritty, debilitating, heroic, challenging battle with stage 4 endometrial cancer. I miss her daily. She was one of my best friends and biggest fans. This year has been the hardest on record for us all.

As 2014 comes to the holiday season, I casually can say I can’t wait for 2015. But there has been a lot of good in 2014 along with a lot of sadness and unwelcome maturity through the loss of my mom.

Here is a short and incomplete list of The Good of 2014:

  • The same day my mom went to heaven — Rhenn Janel was born to my best friend Kari and her husband John.
  • Meghan Ann and Aaron had their baby — Carter Frank! I so love seeing Meghan as a mama, she’s fantastic.
  • My Mom’s memorial had a staggering turn out of kind friends and out of town family that I will never forget.
  • Mike competed in his first year of Cyclocross! I’m for any sport he wants to take on with tight pants!
  • I gained two wonderful new friends — Rebekah and Alison, making new friends is such a wonderful gift!
  • My freelance graphic design workload picked up a bunch! Hooray for keeping nice and busy.

All my best — Andrea


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