Green Goodness Smoothie


I’ve been doing my best to incorporate a green smoothie or two into my day as a way to keep my greens up and kid snack intake down! I drink half of the smoothie around 10 a.m. and then again around 3 p.m. to keep my major ingrained snack urges at bay. It’s been about a month of this routine. I feel amazing and kind friends and family have mentioned how much more svelte I’m looking! Always trying for svelte, aren’t you?


Above — Here’s Av giving it a taste test! She did NOT approve…but that’s a two year old for ya!


Here’s my recipe:

– 2 Cups of Water (or more to keep the consistency fluid)
– 1 Cup Frozen Mango
– 1 Banana (well ripened is ideal!)
– 2 Celery Sticks
– 1 Cup Spinach
– 5 Broccoli Flourets
– A handful of Parsley
– Tbls Cinnamon

Blend up for a good long time (like a minute) and enjoy!

I also really love switching out the spinach for a bunch of romaine lettuce (who knew it would be so good in a smoothie?!)

Do you have a favorite appetite-curbing way to make it through the day? Do tell!

All my best from the Idlewild,


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