flipbelt I’ve been really inspired to get in shape lately! I am pretty sure our super mild winter here in the Pacific Northwest is to thank. Usually, this time of year I’d still be laying on the couch eating brownie batter and watching the pounding rain! Ha! I’ve been gifted a free pass into the Rock N’ Roll half marathon in Portland on May 17th….so that too has been chompin’ at my heels! I really do think it’s good to have a healthy dose of fear for upcoming athletic events as part of your fitness regime. *AND* I love my new FlipBelt for carrying my iPhone on long runs! It doesn’t bounce or ride up at all! The other day on this 8.3 mile run I stopped in for Av’s ear infection meds and successfully carried home 2 bottles of medicine, my debit card, iPhone and medicinal use instructions with ease!  Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 3.08.47 PM A few of my favorite workouts to compliment my mileage increase have been coming from Pop Sugar Fitness on youtube. The gal who leads the workouts on this site is the absolute cutest. There’s always a few friends along for most of the videos, so it feels like you’re working out and laughing along with girlfriends, not just sweating it out during nap time in the living room by yourself! This 10-Minute Barre Abs Workout is one of my favorites…the guest teacher is a ballet and fitness trainer and he will make your abs burn! He literally says, “If you’re abs are burning right now, you can have my address and send me a thank you note, because you’re WELCOME!!!” Love it. Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 3.16.34 PM Then there’s this aussie gal Stay Strong Mummy — whose Instagram and Blog are super inspiring! She has babies that are twins, plus a toddler….and the abs of a 14 year old. Wow. Her post about Clean. Core. Cardio is so helpful because she spells out her regiment and gives ideas for workouts.

On top of all this, I’ve been doing my best to incorporate a green smoothie or two into my day as a way to keep my greens up and kid snack intake down! I drink half of the smoothie around 10 a.m. and then again around 3 p.m. to keep my major ingrained snack urges at bay. See my recipe here!


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